Our History

Both Christabel and Peter Bielenberg were opposed to Nazism and following Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, participated in anti-Nazi activities. Peter Bielenberg was a close friend of Adam von Trott zu Solz, who was involved in the 20 July Plot against Hitler of 1944, and as a result of his suspect political views and this close association with Trott, Bielenberg was arrested, interrogated, and imprisoned in Ravensbrück concentration camp following the failure of the plot.

In an effort to secure his release, Christabel Bielenberg asked to be interviewed by the Gestapo to convince them of her and her husband’s political naivety and innocence. She was interviewed by SS-Sturmbannführer Herbert Lange. She was successful and Bielenberg was released to a punishment unit but mistakenly allowed leave before joining it. He managed to slip away and remained in hiding near his family until the war ended.

After the war, she returned to Britain with her children, later visiting Germany as a foreign correspondent for The Observer. In 1948, the family settled in Tullow, County Carlow, Ireland, buying a dilapidated farm called “Munny House”, which they transformed into a commercial success. As well as writing her autobiography she became involved with the Irish Peace Marches of the 1970s and lectured in Germany. She was made a Commander of the German Federal Order of Merit and was also awarded a Gold Medal of Merit by the European Parliament.

Her experiences during the Second World War were made into the BBC television drama serial Christabel (1988), adapted from her memoir by Dennis Potter. Elizabeth Hurley starred in the title role. In 1974 Christabel described her experiences of attempting to shelter Jews hiding from persecution in the television series The World at War.

Her eldest son and his wife moved into Munny subsequently and further progressed the farm to what it is today, a tillage, christmas tree and sheep farm.

Now Lorcan and Belinda live in a barn conversion at Munny with their eldest daughter and twins. The barn conversion was featured in RTE’s Great House Revival Show with Hugh Wallace, who helped steer them in the right direction when it came to making sure to use the correct materials. They love animals and have created a home with ponies, horses, donkeys, ducks, hens, cats and dogs. They also have a passion for planting trees and growing organic fruit, vegetables and herbs.